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The discovery SU JOK (more detailed)

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Su-Jok therapy is a new, unknown till now territory of the acupuncture - simple, effective and easy to practice by everybody. It is entirely concentrated on the hands and feet (metatarsus). In Korean su means hand and jok - leg. Hence the name of the elaboration.

Different treatment and diagnostic micro acupuncture systems located on the hands and feet had been actually known before the Su-Jok was originated but they were like mosaic pieces that didn't allow the whole picture to be seen but just hint at its value. Su-Jok therapy put these pieces in order and the result was a complete and clear image, which gave everyone the possibility to find highly efficient and rather simple way to his/her own health. Exactly this simplicity and a complex of other qualities make the Su-Jok therapy one of the great medical elaborations of 20th century. Here are some of the reasons for this definition:

  • Su-Jok therapy is unusually easy to learn. It could be learned for couple of hours to a degree enough for its practice. The therapy is so easy to understand that in Russia (where it is widely spread) it is being successfully studied at some kindergartens and since 1997 has been taught at many of the secondary schools.

  • To use the Su-Jok therapy you don't need to have medical education. The therapy is naturally intended for self-treatment and everybody can practise it at home.

  • Su-Jok doesn't require special conditions, appliances, instruments and can be successfully used at anytime, anywhere and from everybody.

  • The therapy Su-Jok is absolutely safe. It can be practised without any concerns and limitations because there is only one way for its effect - and it leads to recovery. If you don't practise the method right, it can't do any harm to you anyway. It will simply have no effect. According to professor Zhanaidarov, a president of the Su-Jok association in Kazakhstan, Su-Jok practically erases the borderline between self-treatment, which the official medicine doesn't approve, and the sanitary and preventive practice, which must be encouraged. For Su-Jok there are no age restraints.

  • Su-Jok therapy is compatible with every other kind of treatment. When it is used in combination with drug, herb or other medication it sharply speeds up the healing process. By drug treatment this leads to reduction of the amount of the taken drugs and therefore to reduction of their possible harms.

  • It can be successfully used by 5-years old children as well as by old people at the age of 95.

  • Su-Jok therapy can be practised for treating every organ, every joint, every body square centimetre. In fact each disease can be treated with Su-Jok. There are no restrictions and contraindications for its usage.

  • Notwithstanding the method's simplicity the published in the specialized literature statistic, scientific and clinical observations are indicative that its effectiveness by the most illnesses is comparable to this of the drug treatment and is even higher provided that the percentage of the relapses (renewing of the disease) is sensibly lower.

  • Su-Jok therapy is efficient by a number of serious chronic diseases which are extremely hard or impossible to be treated with the remedies known till now.

  • Su-Jok has life-saving effect by different diseases in acute form when immediate and effective first aid is needed and there is no medical service available.

  • Su-Jjok therapy is peerless in poor countries where not everybody can afford a qualified medical attendance or in regions where it is hard to get such aid and the only alternative is the self-treatment.

Till now in the history of mankind a curing method hasn’t exlisted or medicine so simple to use, so practical and with such a wide-spectrum of effectiveness. Su-Jok therapy doesn't offer a sensational way to treat some of the present diseases that can't be cured but it can help great number of people in their fight against dozens of diseases, which bother them in their daily round. That's why it can be defined as one of the great medical elaborations of 20 th century.

A couple of years after its birth the Su-Jok therapy started to establish itself worldwide. For this short period an international Su-jok acupuncture association has been founded. Thousands of acupuncturists in dozens of countries use the Su-Jok in their practice. At almost all international acupuncture scientific forums come in statements and reports concerning positive results, achieved through Su-Jok therapy. Unfortunately, during this period the information in the public space concerning the potentialities of the Su-Jok therapy as a self-treatment method was not thorough and intelligible, it was of no practical use. The method is still familiar mainly to the specialists. We hope that the efforts of MEDIKS Ltd. In the sphere of popularizing the Su-Jok therapy will fill up this deficiency .

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