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The discovery SU JOK

Su-Jok therapy is the last achievement of the eastern medicine. It is better than all known self-treatment methods and is the most powerful way to keep fit with no help .

Su-Jok therapy is elaborated as a healing method by the Korean scientist - professor doctor Park Jae Woo - and has been defined as one of the great medical discoveries of 20 th century.


  • SIMPLE, EASY TO UNDERSTAND - you can learn it for a couple of hours and it is not necessary to have medical education. It is so easy to understand that in Russia (where it has been widely spread) the therapy is being successfully learned at some kindergartens and since 1997 it has been taught at many of the secondary schools.

  • PRACTICAL - you can carry out medical procedures while watching TV, while walking or talking with friends.

  • EFFECTIVE - not only by the treatment of the common illnesses, which "chase" us in our daily round but also with cases difficult to cure even by the modern medicine. Often the curing effect is immediate and proves itself by the very first procedure.

  • WIDE-SPECTRUM  - Su-Jok therapy can cure almost every disease. With the help of this therapy every organ, every single part of the body can be cured.

  • HARMLESS  - even if you don't practise it right, it won't do any harm to you. It will simply do no good. According to professor Zhanaidarov (president of the Su-Jok association in Kazakhstan) Su-Jok erases the borderline between self-treatment, which the official medicine doesn't approve and prophylaxis, which is encouraged by this medicine.

Up till now in the history of mankind such a treating method hasn`t existed, a method so simple, convenient to use, practical and efficient. That`s why Su-Jok therapy is defined as one of the great medical discoveries of 20 th century.

One of the most valuable Su-Jok therapy books is 's bestseller - Su-Jok and moxa, a self-treatment manual. The book is addressed to a wide range of readers and translated in several languages. It contains over 800 colour illustrations and is a wonderful guide for everyone who wants to control his health by himself .

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