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What does Su Jok therapy heal ...

Su-Jok therapy consists of two levels differentiating by their indicators, possibilities and complexity.


The first level is constructed on the basis of correspondence systems located on the hands and feet. It is very easy to be learned and can be used by everyone without special preparation. The first level is represented in 's book: Su-Jok and moxa - self-treatment guide.

With the first Su-Jok level each disease with an exact address can be treated. So it is necessary to know where its starting point is, which organ or part of the body is diseased. However it doesn't matter what the nature of the disease is. From the point of view of the first Su-Jok therapy level there is no difference if your stomach has ulcer, gastritis or something else. The healing impulses created through the stimulation of the pain su jok points attack the disease no matter what it is.

With the fisrt level of Su-Jok can be successfully healed local diseases of the: eyes, brain, rhinopharynx, ears, teeth, sinuses, all endocrines, respiratory organs, lung, heart, spleen, kidneys, bladder, ovaries, genitals, skin, limbs, spinal column and all other organs that we haven't mentioned but which have their projections on the hands and feet. It's enough to locate the projection of the diseased organ on your hand or foot to find the pain points, which have appeared there and to stimulate them.

With the first level of the Su-Jok therapy can't be healed: diseases spread on vast zones and entire body systems, unknown symptoms, diseases that led to irreversible organic changes of the tissues.


Unlike the first level, which despite its high effectiveness has some limitations, with the second one can also be cured diseases spread on vast body areas, diseases affected entire body systems, several diseases at the same time, pathological disorders can be successfully influenced.

Further we will introduce in details the second level of the Su-Jok therapy to the visitors of our site. We are getting ready for publishing a practical guide for independent learning of the method.

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