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Мost important information about the shop:

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Radiesthesia is a parascience in the base of which lies the human sensitivity to different radiations. Including those that are not known to modern science. Firm "Mediks" manufactures some of the instruments used in Radiesthesia.

Protective pyramid
Price6.54 EUR 5.45 EUR ex.VAT)

In the 30-s of the twentieth century the German scientist – professor Hartmann found out that the Earth is covered with bands of radiation with an unknown nature. The bands of radiation form specific net and have a width of about 20 cm. The distance between them is 2 metres in the north – south direction and 2.50 metres in the direction of east-west .

This radiation was found to have adverse impact on the human organism. The radiation above the intersection points on those bands turned to be especially harmful. They were named geopathogenic spots. The net itself was named after its discoverer - Hartman's net.

There are different ways for neutralization of the geopathogenic radiation, but undoubtedly the most effective way is the usage of reduced models of the Cheops pyramid.

Radiesthetic pendulum
Price2.64 EUR 2.20 EUR ex.VAT)

The most widespread instrument which is used by the radiesthesia is the radiesthetic pendulum. It is a weight with a special form and a thread at one of the ends. Its technique of operation is roughly described below: you take and hold the thread of the pendulum so that the pendulum can freely swing in the air. In your thoughts you ask a question that interests you. If the answer is "Yes" the pendulum starts rotating to the right. If the answer is "No", then the pendulum rotates to the left.

A mental radiesthesia guide
Price2.64 EUR 2.20 EUR ex.VAT)



The name of this book  "How to win the lotto by using radiaesthesic pendulum"  is too commercial and provocative. But in fact this is a concise and accesible mental radiesthesia guide. The foundations of the mental medical radiesthesia, the radiesthesia in interpersonal relationships, in business are all explained in it.

In the book the method for making predictions in gambling is also explained. If you wish you can have fun by trying to predict the results in a gambling game - the lotto for example. But do not take this too seriously. Just have fun. And you may win.

A mental radiesthesia guide + pendulum
Price5.28 EUR 4.40 EUR ex.VAT)


A mental radiesthesia guide + pendulum

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