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Protective pyramid

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In the 30-s of the twentieth century the German scientist – professor Hartmann found out that the Earth is covered with bands of radiation with an unknown nature. The bands of radiation form specific net and have a width of about 20 cm. The distance between them is 2 metres in the north – south direction and 2.50 metres in the direction of east-west .

This radiation was found to have adverse impact on the human organism. The radiation above the intersection points on those bands turned to be especially harmful. They were named geopathogenic spots. The net itself was named after its discoverer - Hartman's net.

In a room with normal dimensions there are about 8 geopathogenic points. If your bed, workplace or the place where you rest are located above such point, your immune system is attacked unnoticeable and constantly by the harmful emission. The illnesses become more frequent. 
There are different ways for neutralization of the geopathogenic radiation, but undoubtedly the most effective way is the usage of reduced models of the Cheops pyramid.

The reduced models of the Cheops pyramid are famous for unusual properties they possess. Over 100 are the phenomenons related to them - meat put in such a model does not taint, used blades for shaving put in a reduced model for several hours get self-sharpened, sour wine regains its taste etc.

Perhaps the most valuable property of the reduced models of the Cheops pyramid is their ability to neutralize the harmful geopathogenic radiation. For 15 years “Mediks” Ltd. has produced such kind of a pyramid with the trade mark “Protective pyramid”.

The Protective pyramid produced by "Mediks" Ltd. is made of polystyrene, with metal polymer coating and filled with refined quartz. It is so constructed that despite its small dimensions (10x10cm. base) provides powerful field, fairly enough for the protection of about 4 square meters. The protection parameters are measured and proved many times by experienced radiesthesists as well as with a device for measuring of the geopathogenic radiation intensity (IGA-1) constructed by the Russian scientist Yu. Kravchenko.

To use the Protective pyramid is easy and non-engaging. Just put 2 pyramids under the bed (a bed for one or two) and orientate them in such a way that the middle point of one of the sides to face north. The pyramids are put along the axis of the bed – one on the level of your knees, and the other under the chest or on the night table. It is a good idea to put one pyramid near the place where you stay for long every day. For example on the desk, on your computer or next to your armchair where you sit when you watch TV every day. They will protect and re-charge you with energy even when you have already forgotten about their existence.

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