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Мost important information about the shop:

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Su-Jok therapy can easily be self-taught. Here you will find the literature and the learning tools needed to accomplish this.

For the first level the book by Plamen Ivanov - "Su-Jok and moxa, a self-treatment manual", is enough. In it there are over 800 colored illustrations depicting the topography of the correspondence zones on the hands and feet. The book by Plamen Ivanov is the only professionally developed colored atlas for the first level of Su-Jok therapy.

Explore a few pages from the book by Plamen Ivanov.


Su Jok and moxa ... In English.
Price19.62 EUR 18.00 EUR ex.VAT


Richly illustrated, interactive guide about how to use su jok therapy. 
In english. Over 800 color illustrations.

Su Jok and moxa ... In Bulgarian.
Price11.25 EUR 10.32 EUR ex.VAT

Плюс подарък:


Su-Jok and moxa, a self-treatment manual. In Bulgarian. Sixth edition.

BOOK: Su Jok und moxa ... In Deutsch.
Price19.62 EUR 18.00 EUR ex.VAT


Auf unserer Web-Seite wird das Buch „Su-Jok und Moxa“ nur zum Endverkaufspreis angeboten. Das ausschließliche Wiederverkaufsrecht liegt bei Dr. Dimitre Leonidov, Sömmerrringstr. 14, 55118 Mainz, Deutschland, Tel. +49 6131 2756133, Su-Jok und moxa ... In Deutsch

Richly illustrated guide for using Su-Jok therapy.
Glossy paper, 160 pages, over 800 color illustrations. In Deutsch.

E-BOOK: Su Jok and moxa ...
Price10.00 EUR 10.00 EUR ex.VAT
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Su-Jok and moxa, a self-treatment manual

Richly illustrated, interactive guide for using su jok therapy. In english.
Over 800 color illustrations.

Joint Acupuncture ... In Bulgarian.
Price14.82 EUR 13.60 EUR ex.VAT

Joint Acupuncture... .

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