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How does SU JOK heal


Su-Jok therapy consists of several curing micro acupuncture systems located on the hands and feet. In Korean su means hand and jok - leg. Hence the name of the elaboration .

But your closer scrutiny at your hands and feet reveals that they have a surprisingly similarity to the human body. Suffice is to turn your thumbs up and you will see that there is a full similarity. The thumb corresponds to the neck and head, the forefinger and the little finger - to the upper limbs, the middle and the fourth fingers - to the lower limbs and the palm (foot) - to the torso. In this way on each hand and foot a miniature spitting image of the human body is formed, a micro acupuncture system which in the Su-Jok therapy is called Main correspondence system. Each organ and part of the body have their own projection in the Main correspondence system. (Example).

Save on the whole hands and feet the miniature body image (micro acupuncture system) is also located on each toe and finger separately. In the Su-Jok therapy this micro acupuncture system is called Correspondence system "Insect". And here each organ and part of the body has its own projection (Example).

So on the hands and feet there are two independent micro acupuncture systems. One - on the entire hands and feet - Main correspondence system. And second - on each toe and finger separately - Correspondence system "Insect".

the Main correspondence system of Su-Jok therapy the Insect correspondence system of Su-Jok therapy
Main correspondence system and Correspondence system "Insect"

When someone falls ill a pain point appears in each projection of the diseased organ in the both correspondence systems. If we find this point and somehow we exert influence on it, it generates a curing impulse and sends it to the brain. The brain sets in motion complex regulating mechanisms and starts an extremely powerful health process. Often the treating effect is immediate and extremely strong in the first minutes, sometimes seconds after the stimulation of the pain points.

The Su-Jok treatment is not difficult and can be carried out by everyone, medical education or special training is not needed. Its essence is to find a pain point in a projection of the diseased organ and to stimulate it.

The pain points are found by feeling the projection of the diseased organ on the hands and feet by means of a simple instrument, called diagnostic probe or with an appropriate available object.

An image of a three different types of diagnostic probes.
Different types of diagnostic probes

The found pain points are then stimulated. The stimulation could be a diagnostic probe massagemassage with massagers for the entire bodymoxa warming upmagnet setting, Su-Jok needle piercing etc.

Su-Jok is not a difficult method but it still requires some minute details to be learned relevant to the finding of the pain points, their stimulation, the procedure duration and so forth. All this is concisely and intelligibly formulated in 's book "Su-Jok and moxa, a self-treatment manual". It also contains a detailed atlas of the organ projections on the hands and feet with over 800 colour illustrations. (Take a look at several pages from Plamen Ivanov's book).

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