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Scientists about SU-JOK


Professor doctor Park Jea Woo, originator of the Su-Jok therapy:

...The method is effective, irrespective of the diagnosis and the seriousness of the disease (acute or chronic) provided the pain points are found accurately and stimulated correctly. In other words, each one, who learns how the systems of correspondence are located on the hands and feet and how to find the pain points, can treat him/ her and help his/ her relatives even without professional knowledge. This means that almost all people - sh; children and advanced in years people - can handle by themselves with most of the diseases and can help their relatives using the systems of correspondence located on the hands and feet ...

Professor S. Yoffe, president of the Su-Jok association in Belarus:

...My personal experience and the experience of the doctors in Belarus indicate that the Su-Jok therapy has a powerful curing effect which becomes obvious immediately. Sometimes it takes a minute to cure a disease that the patient has had for dozens of years ...

Doctor T. Mohana, Madras, India: 

...When I started practising Su-Jok therapy I was amazed at the curing results and its superiority to the traditional Chinese medicine. The quick effect, the simplicity of the method totally changed my medication style ....

Professor S. Zhanaidarov, president of the Su-Jok association in Kazakhstan:

... The doctors of today know that the heal-all, the medicine for all illnesses is an unattainable dream bu t closest to this dream stands the Su-Jok method. Su-Jok practically erases the borderline between self-treatment, which the official medicine doesn't approve and the sanitary and preventive measures, which must be encouraged ...

Professor A. Kosourov, doctor of medicine, head of the "Human anatomy" department in the State Medical University of Saint-Petersburg :

... Each sick person suffers. How can we help, how can we give back the joy of life without operation, without expensive medicines? Answer to this question gives the Su-Jok therapy. One of the unique elaborations of 20 th century...

Professor V. Zilov, president of the Russian Su-Jok acupuncture association:

... During the period of its popularization doubtless the Su-Jok therapy will be confronted with multiple acts of local conservatism and intellectual inertia. But one is sure, this magnificent method will find its place...

Doctor V. Miheev, Minsk, Belarus:

... The practical use of the Su-Jok therapy in different hospitals and independently, brought incredibly good results, rather exceeding the results achieved till now with the traditional western methods and traditional Chinese medicine...

Professor Y. Nyan, Saba, Malaysia:

... Su-Jok therapy helped me to get remarkable clinical results. Due to its effectiveness the whole world shows interest in Su-Jok therapy...

Doctor T. Dudko, head therapist in the city of Minsk, Belarus:

... Popularization of the Su-Jok therapy in Belarus is a a vital necessity having in mind the economic situation in the country...

Professor doctor sir A. D jayasuriya, Colombo:

... Professor Pa rk Jea Woo created a monumental work answering the needs of the modern medicine but also in harmony with the psychosocial development of the contemporary world leading to health and prosperity for each person...

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