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Prescriptions. Treatment of and preventing influenza and other respiratory diseases.

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Prescriptions. Treatment of and preventing influenza and other respiratory diseases.

General information about influenza and other acute respiratory diseases.

There is a wide variety of diseases which fall under the umbrella term “acute respiratory diseases” (ARD). They all have similar symptoms. The most notable resemblance is that they are all caused by viruses which infiltrate the organism by means of the air inhaled through the mouth and the nose. They can be identified by the same symptoms – the patient has a fever for several days and experiences muscle and joint pain, a sore throat, coughing, a runny nose, and headaches. After treatment, the symptoms usually go away without any repercussions.

It has become common practice to diagnose most respiratory diseases as influenza (the flu). This is incredibly inaccurate. The flu is an acute respiratory disease which is caused by the influenza virus (Myxovirus influenzae). However, it is much more dangerous than other respiratory diseases. It has a large mortality rate, especially among the elderly and children. If the disease is more severe it can often cause irreversible damage to cardiovascular system, the respiratory organs, and the central nervous system.

Preventive measures.

There are various ways to prevent the flu and other respiratory diseases - different procedures which aim to strengthen the organism as a whole, vaccines, limited socialising during flu epidemics etc.

The Su-Jok recipe for general strengthening of the organism can be used. This recipe, combined with proper nutrition, which includes a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, helps keep the immune system in excellent shape.

A very effective method to protects oneself form the flu and other respiratory diseases is using an aroma pendant. The aroma pendant must be worn at all times during the riskier parts of the year. It must be charged with tea tree oil, the scent of which has very strong disinfecting and antiviral properties (12 times stronger than that of phenol).

The disease usually spreads by inhaling contaminated air through the mouth or nose. The tea tree’s aroma significantly decreases the risk of contracting the disease because the essential oil’s aroma kills the disease-causing organisms.

Another excellent method is disinfecting the air using an aroma lamp. Charging an aroma lamp twice with 10 or so drops of tea tree oil will be enough to keep the air sterilised in a room as big as a classroom for around 8 hours. This is a method suitable for workplaces where there are many people and the chance of contagion is greater.


Treating influenza should be done by following the instructions of your personal physician. However, it is strongly recommended to simultaneously use Su-Jok therapy and stimulate some general strengthening acupuncture points. This way the recovery process will be much faster and the risk of any damage to the cardiovascular system, respiratory organs, and central nervous system is much smaller.

The healing procedure is as follows:

1. Stimulating the immune system.

It is necessary to stimulate the immune system since the general condition of the organism is being affected by the disease. This can be done by using the recipe for general strengthening of the organism with these additions:

  • the general strengthening point zu san li must be treated using moxa for a longer time – 15 minutes (on both legs)
  • the massage with the massage ring must be done for 2-3 minutes on the thumbs and pointer fingers on both hands.

2. Healing effect on the affected organs:

In most cases the flu and other acute respiratory diseases affect:

  • the nose (runny nose - rhinitis)
  • the throat (sore throat - pharyngitis)
  • the larynx (hoarse voice – laryngitis)
  • the trachea (cough – tracheitis)
  • the bronchi (cough - bronchitis)

Usually all of the above listed organs are affected to a different degree. This is why it is recommended to simultaneously stimulate their corresponding areas with a moxa using the insect system. You must use a moxa for 25 minutes on the area circled in blue in image below on the pointer fingers on both hands. This area has projections of the nose, throat, larynx, trachea, and bronchi. If any of these organs are affected to a larger degree then you must concentrate using the moxa on its corresponding projection. 

An image depicting projections of the nose, throat, larynx, trachea and bronchi.
Projections of the nose, throat, larynx, trachea, and bronchi

The recovery process is even more successful if you do inhalations with an aroma lamp charged with tea tree oil during the treatment.

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