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In this section of the shop we offer everything needed for self-instruction in Su-jok therapy. 


Massage rings, D-24 mm (box of 3 pcs)
Price2.22 EUR 1.85 EUR ex.VAT)

Massage rings with outer diameter of 24 mm. Twined from a 0,4 mm.

The massage rings of flexible, stainless steel wire are twined in a special way. They are especially used for finger massage.

E-BOOK: Su-Jok and moxa ...
Price10.00 EUR 10.00 EUR ex.VAT)
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Su-Jok and moxa, a self-treatment manual

Richly illustrated, interactive guide for using su jok therapy. In english.
Over 800 color illustrations.

BOOK: Su-Jok und moxa ... In Deutsch.
Price24.90 EUR 20.75 EUR ex.VAT)


Auf unserer Web-Seite wird das Buch „Su-Jok und Moxa“ nur zum Endverkaufspreis angeboten. Das ausschließliche Wiederverkaufsrecht liegt bei Dr. Dimitre Leonidov, Sömmerrringstr. 14, 55118 Mainz, Deutschland, Tel. +49 6131 2756133, Su-Jok und moxa ... In Deutsch

Richly illustrated guide for using Su-Jok therapy.
Glossy paper, 160 pages, over 800 color illustrations. In Deutsch.

Su-Jok and moxa ... In English.
Price24.00 EUR
Sale19.20 EUR 16.00 EUR ex.VAT)
You Save4.80 EUR (20%)


Richly illustrated, interactive guide about how to use su jok therapy. 
In english. Over 800 color illustrations.

Su-Jok and moxa ... In Bulgarian.
Price10.20 EUR 8.50 EUR ex.VAT)
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Su-Jok and moxa, a self-treatment manual. In Bulgarian. Sixth edition.

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