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Prescriptions. General strengthening of the organism and keeping fit.
Prescriptions. General strengthening of the organism and keeping fit.
There are different ways of restoring the health of the organism and of its general strengthening – proper nutrition, immune stimulants, yogi activities etc. This is also possible with the methods of the su jok therapy and acupuncture. Here we offer a prescription for strengthening of the organism, which puts the entire energy system in perfect harmony and restores the powers of resistance. It is the product of thousands years of experience and is extremely effective. The prescription has not only general restoring effect but also marked healing effect by a number of diseases. It consists of two parts – warming up of the classic acupuncture point Tsu San Li with moxa and su jok massage with a massage ring.
The prescription may be used for keeping fit or for healing of various light illnesses of general nature – f.e. cold, influenza, light allergies etc. It stimulates powerfully the immune system and can be used for its strengthening from patients went through chemotherapy. The usage of the prescription parallel with treatment, prescribed by the doctor (notwithstanding the nature of the disease) can considerably shorten the healing process and often it can be a decisive factor for the successful treatment.
For keeping fit the prescription is carried out for five consecutive days each month. For healing – every day till recovery but not more than 14 consecutive days. Second and third course of treatment can be done but the interval between them must be about ten days.
1. Warm up the Tsu San Li points on the both legs - each for 10 minutes.
For the moxa warming up the cigar is lit (it doesn't flame, it burns slightly) and the tip is directed to the point so that a pleasant warm can be felt (at the border of the slight hot feeling).
Defining the position of the point: measure four fingers from the bottom end of the knee-head, at the middle line of the front part of the leg. Mark the place. Measure one thumb from this outwards. There is the point. To ensure that you have defined it correctly press the place with your thumb. You must feel dull pain or acquire the feeling that weak electricity is running through your leg.
Alternative medicine. Immune system strengthening with su jok therapy ( acupuncture ).
Tsu San Li is the most important acupuncture point. In the Chinese medicine it is also called the point of the hundredth diseases or point of the long life. It is considered that its periodical warming up with moxa harmonizes the energies in the organism and leads to good health and long life. Save for the general strengthening effect it has marked healing power.
Applications of the Tsu San Li point: point for general strengthening, proved effect against brain insults, heart diseases, point for regulating the blood pressure (by severe forms of hypertension in some eastern countries cauterization of Tsu San Li, till a blister appears, is still used today), all gastric and intestinal diseases, aches in legs and waist, diseases of the eyes, nervous system, urino-genital system, asthenia, allergic conditions, diseases of the respiratory organs, general weakness; it increases the energy in all meridians and regulates the deviations in the energy condition of the organism, effective by aches in the lower half of the body. The point Tsu San Li must not be warmed up during high blood pressure crisis.
2. Massage all the fingers with a massage ring. From thirty seconds to one minute on each one.
Alternative medicine. Immune system strengthening with su jok therapy ( acupuncture ).
Even when the disease is in embryo and we don't suspect its presence in the projections of the diseased organ pain points appear. If at this stage we stimulate them we can stop the progress of the disease. However, softer and shorter stimulation than this needed for a disease in progress will be sufficient. Such stimulation is the massage with a massage ring. The regular massage with a massage ring stops the development of the diseases in embryo and keeps the person fit.
Note: The realization of the both parts of the prescription - the warming up of the Tsu San Li point and the massage with a massage ring may be carried out at a different time during the day.

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