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Prescriptions. First aid by angina pectoris (stenocardia).
Prescription. First aid by angina pectoris (stenocardia).
Alternative medicine. Angina pectoris ( stenocardia ) - treatment with su jok therapy ( acupuncture ).....Alternative medicine. Angina pectoris ( stenocardia ) - treatment with su jok therapy ( acupuncture ).
Angina pectoris is one of the forms of the Ischemic heart disease. The cause for its development is the coronary atherosclerosis (arteries supplying blood to the heart).
Angina pectoris always occurs with spasms. So it clearly marks start and end. The spasm continues 4-15 minutes but sometimes it can last for couple of hours and this may lead to a myocardial infarction. The spasm occurs due to the not adequate level of the blood supply in the coronary artery and the needs of the heart muscle (myocard).
Typical of the spasm is the oppressive and strangling pain behind the breast bone (sternum). Often the pain can radiate out to the left arm, left shoulder, shoulder blade, jaw and even to the teeth. Usually the pain involves a sense of fear.
Sometimes the angina pectoris spasm is not connected with pain but with a sense of discomfort, heaviness, constriction, numbness or strangulation.
There are two types of angina pectoris depending on the circumstances by which it occurs - angina pectoris at stress and angina pectoris at rest. The angina at stress occurs in connection with physical or emotional exertion. The angina at rest is not connected with physical exertion. It occurs at night and often involves an increased shortness of breath.
The angina spasm is cured with a tablet of nitroglycerin under the tongue. The medicine relieves the pain in 2-3 minutes. If within five minutes the pain is still strong, a second tablet of nitroglycerin is taken.
Angina pectoris is life-threatening disease. The spasm often occurs unexpectedly, on unusual places where the possibility of using nitroglycerin doesn’t exist and where a qualified medical service is not available. In this case the using of su jok can save your or somebody else's life .
Position of the heart zone
To cope with the angina pectoris spasm you have to know where the heart projection (correspondence zone) on the ha nds is. The Main correspondence system on the left hand is used.
Look carefully at the illustration given above. You can understand how the heart is projected as you just put your hands mentally in the place of the illustration.
More detailed explanation of the heart zone position:
The thorax is projected on the palms of both hands in the area outlined by the life line and the bottom part of the thumb.
On the illustration the axle line dividing the thorax in two is marked with a straight red line. It is drawn from the middle of the thumb's bottom part to the middle of the wrist. The diaphragm is marked with a red twisted line .
The left side of the thorax is projected on the left half of the two palms (left and right are defined by raised up fingers and turned forward palms). The right side of the thorax is projected on the right half of the palms.
After you know how the thorax is projected on the palms you can easily define where the heart is. It is on the left half of the projection of the thorax and its bottom side comes into contact with the line of the diaphragm.
When the heart is diseased in its correspondence zones on the palms, a pain point or area appears. If the disease has affected only a small region – the pain point is small (proportional to the size of the diseased area). If the disease has affected the entire heart – the entire correspondence zones of the heart on the two palms are painful. The treatment of the heart diseases with su jok therapy consists exactly in finding these pain points and areas and stimulating them with massage, moxa or needles.
Technique of coping with the angina pectoris spasm through su jok therapy
By the first symptoms of such a spasm it is necessary that a tablet of nitroglycerin (if available) is placed under the tongue and a deep massage, with slight rotating movements is done on the entire heart zone on the left hand. The massage is carried out with a diagnostic probe, with the thumb of the other hand or with tools available - the blunt end of a pen, key etc. The pressure must be strong, there must be a feeling of pain in the zone. It is not necessary the most painful zone to be found. The entire heart zone is massaged.
As a rule within 3-5 minutes of massage (even without nitroglycerin) the spasm pain abates considerably or is totally relieved.
Subsequently for prophylaxis and healing of the disease is good about ten moxa warming up procedures to be carried out in the heart correspondence zones on the both hands. The zones are warmed up every day for 15-20 minutes. In this case it is better the most painful area in the heart zones to be found and the warming up to be concentrated there.
The moxa warming up by this disease gives extremely good results. Normally after one or two courses of 10 warmings the spasms become shorter and rarer or completely disappear.

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