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Production of tools and supplies for SU-JOK therapy, classical acupuncture, radiesthezia, aromatherapy and other types of alternative medicine.

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Mediks Ltd was established in 1994 г. and has been spreading the knowledge of Su-Jok therapy for three decades now. We produce tools for healing and self-treatment through this wonderful and accessible healing method. We make them available all around the globe.

Our company is a small family-run business and we take extra care when preparing the items we offer. We deliver our products to the farthest reaches of the Earth. We take pride in the fact that, in all these years, we have yet to have an unsatisfied customer, a refund demand, or an undelivered order.

Most of the products we sell are handmade. Each and every one is reviewed and prepared in order to assure we do not end up embarrassed by it. We offer some items made by other companies as well, but only after we have made certain of their good quality. We are always adamant about this. 

Along with instruments for Su-Jok therapy, we also produce products for radiesthesia and aromatherapy.  They are not very numerous but are all of our own personal, unique make.


Our website was made several years after the company’s establishment. In the year 2002 – the very dawn of the internet era. Our website, much like the company itself, has a very respectable reputation. It has been refined through the years and now it corresponds with all the highest requirements for security, convenience, and accessibility.   

The website is made up of two basic parts. You can see those on the left part of the screen.

The first part is informative, introductive, and educational. It includes the following categories –  - SU-JOK, AROMATHERAPY и RADIESTHESIA. Within you will find basic information about Su-Jok therapy. You will be introduced to  examples of its implementation when treating different illnesses. There are also many examples how to use the different instruments. You will find information about radiesthesia и aromatherapy as well.

The second part of the website is our store. It too consists of three sections - SU-JOK, AROMATHERAPY and RADIESTHESIA. Here you will be able to browse through our products. You can see additional information about them and order them with ease. We have made sure that all items are properly presented through images and video materials as well. You will find scented moxa, unscented moxa, point magnets, magnetic pointers, disc magnets, literature, etc.

Special mention should be made of 's book: Su-Jok and moxa, a self-treatment manual. It is unique with over 800 illustrations and the link it makes between classic acupuncture and Su-Jok therapy. Plamen Ivanov’s book has been a bestseller for a long time. It has been published in Bulgarian, English, German, and Greek. It is currently being translated in other languages as well. This book is the gateway to Su-Jok therapy.


Very often practitioners and promoters of certain alternative treatment methods overstate their capabilities. The case is the same with Su-Jok therapy. It is being advertised as a kind of panacea when it is in fact no such thing. Su-Jok therapy can influence and treat many illnesses but not all. It has one great advantage over all other methods and it is that it can be practiced by oneself and can therefore help in situations where there are no other available healing materials, medicine, or medical specialists. After all – our hands and feet are always with us. All we need to do is get acquainted with the method.        

Su-Jok therapy can be used in almost all fields of medicine. For endocrine disorders like early stage type 2 diabetes, thyroid gland pathology, for functional mental illnesses such as neurasthenia, neurosis, stress. It can be used to treat Meniere's disease.  It is also effective when treating addictions – nicotine, alcohol, drugs. It is especially effective when treating syndromes of all natures. It is being used successfully in gynaecology – endometriosis, menstrual disorder, urological disorders, all inflammatory diseases in the pelvis, post-stroke rehabilitation, peripheral nerve damage, skin pathology, psoriasis, respiratory diseases, colds, flu, bronchitis, bronchial asthma diseases, and many, many other diseases. In fact, there is no illness that cannot be influenced by Su-Jok therapy. However, as we already stated, this does not mean it is a panacea. Many severe diseases can be influenced but cannot be healed by Su-Jok.  Still, many less serious, plain diseases which make our everyday life difficult can be healed with just a few procedures done by the patient themselves. In the end, in order to find out whether Su-Jok will have any effect on a particular illness, it has to be tried out. The method is completely harmless. Sometimes the results can be astonishing and a chronic condition which you have had for years will be healed after one or two procedures.  


For years we have had the section  'SU-JOK and feeding'. However, it is still empty. This will change soon. We will promote   new book: 'Food as a means of mass destruction'. It is the result of almost a decade’s worth of work by the author. It will focus on the link between the six energies, food, and the reasons behind most severe diseases. A thorough, step by step protocol for the treatment of severe diseases by using the principles of the Six Energy theory will be described. We hope that the book will be published in 2019. It will be available in Bulgarian first.

We will have a new product for sale in the autumn. Aroma pendant 'Ether'.  At first glance this might not seem like big news. However, the aroma pendant 'Ether' is unique. It can be filled with all kinds of essential oils and will emit the fragrance for over 3 months. The strength of the aroma can be regulated or turned off entirely. The main purpose of the pendant is to combat respiratory diseases and especially the flu. The pendant will be available filled with the Marauders’ essential oil. There will be more information about it in the Aromatherapy section of the website at the end of September.


When our website was first established there were hardly any others like it. We were among the pioneers who popularised the method. This is why it is no surprise that you might find many of our texts and illustrations, copied without our consent, on many websites in the internet. The design of our products and packaging has also been copied. Even the trademark of the company has been copied. Entire pages from Plamen Ivanov’s book have been copied without the author’s consent. The entire book has been spread illegally in eBook form. It is easy to spot websites like this. The texts are grammatically incorrect, unclear, full of incorrect information. They have usually copied and mixed texts from other websites.

Examples of websites which have copied texts and illustrations from Plamen Ivanov’s book and from our website are:


And many, many others. Contact with such sites is not a good idea.

Here are some sites that are written well, from people who have professional training in the area of alternative medicine:

and many others.

All of the texts and illustrations in our website are unique and copyrighted. A guarantee of their quality is Mr. Plamen Ivanov, the author of Su-Jok and moxa, a self-treatment manual, taking part in their preparation. The only exception is the technical information about the essential oils which cannot be altered and has been copied.


There is a discrepancy in how the name of the method is spelled in the internet. Many websites write the name as one word – Sujok. However, the name consists of the two words Su and Jok. Translated from Korean they mean Hand and Foot respectively. Therefore, it is correct to spell it Su-Jok instead of Sujok.  

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