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Treatment examples with Su-Jok. Overweight.
Treatment examples with su jok. Overweight.
Alternative medicine. Overweight - treatment with su jok therapy ( acupuncture )
A case from doctor K. Sitnyakov's practice, Saint-Petersburg city, Russia.
45 years old female. Weight - 87 kg, height - 156 cm. Increased appetite. She tried to keep to different diets but stopped them on the second-third day because she was unable of overcoming her appetite.
I placed and attached with an adhesive tape two magnetic pointers on each of the middle fingers of both hands. One on the projection of the esophagus and one on the projection of the rhinopharynx (System "Insect"). I placed the magnetic pointers so that the vector of the magnetic field to be directed against the food motion. I chose the middle fingers because the meridian of the pancreas passes there, which has a direct influence over the appetite. Placed like this, the magnets suppress the meridian of the pancreas.
I recommended the magnets to be worn during the day and in the evening to be removed. On the other day the patient said she almost lost her appetite and she felt sick when she looked at food. This helped her to start a diet, recommended by a specialist and to overcome easily the first hard week of the diet keeping. She wore the magnets during the first ten days. After that she continued the diet without them. For four months she lost 16 kg. During this period she placed the magnetic pointers by herself for two-three days when she felt that was possible to regain her appetite .

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