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Treatment examples with Su-Jok. Brain insult.
Treatment examples with su jok. Brain insult.
Alternative medicine. Brain insult - treatment with su jok therapy ( acupuncture )
G. Gabrovski's personal observation, town of Rouse city, Bulgaria, 67 years old.
After brain insult the right part of the face was damaged. The right hand and leg were hard to move. He was speaking with difficulties.
In all projections of the brain on the hands he found very painful spots. He starts massaging them with a diagnostic probe - each spot for 10 minutes. During one procedure he massages 10 pain points on the both hands. Between the procedures he made an intensive massage of all fingers using a massage ring, three-four minutes for each finger. He ma de two courses of 10 everyday treatment procedures with a break between them of 10 days.
After the second course was ended, he was totally recovered .

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