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Smokeless moxa, unscented (box of 5 pcs)

Price8.68 лв 7.24 лв ex.VAT

The unscented smokeless moxa is a mix of mugwort, aged for over 3 years, and oak charcoal from which cigars with width of 12 mm are formed. 

In this type of moxa no other herbs than aged mugwort are used. It is designed for people sensitive to the aromas of the herbs used in the scented moxa.

Moxa cigars are used in the Su-Jok therapy as well as in the traditional acupuncture. The healing effect is achieved through warming of the pain Su-Jok (or traditional acupuncture) point with the burning end of the cigar. (Example).

The procedure with smokeless moxa is clean and pleasant. You can easily practice it at home, in front of the TV while you are watching a nice movie. The healing effect is extremely powerful and, in some cases, it is even superior to the one achieved through stimulation with needles.

The smokeless moxa produced by our company is among the best in the world. We export it to dozen of countries. The merits of our smokeless moxa are highly estimated by the customers. It becomes surely most preferred where offered for sale.

One cigar of our smokeless moxa burns slowly and constantly for about 120-140 minutes. As a comparison, the cigars of the rival companies burn for 60-70 minutes.

Pack of 5 cigars.

Cigar length - 10 cm (4").

Cigar gauge - 12 mm (0,5").

Smoking time - about 120-140 minutes.

Ingredients: mugwort (matured for three years), oak.


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