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Point magnet, neodymium,1 pcs.

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Super strong point magnet of neodymium.
The point magnets create an energy flow in the correspondence zone of the diseased organ, which rectifies, normalizes its energy state.

For the proper usage of magnets the following should be remembered:

- The energy flow is always directed from the north to the south pole; 
- Magnets placed with the north pole towards the skin energize, warm up;
- Magnets placed with the south pole towards the skin take away energy, sedate, cool.
Up till now the whole selection of magnets used in su jok therapy was made of ferrite material. Recently magnets made of neodymium are offered. They are very powerful - between 25 and 30 times more powerful than the ferrite ones. Their field penetrates deep into the tissue and the healing effect is much more pronounced. Neodymium magnets should not be used by patients with pacemakers.
5x1 mm (0,24"x0.08"), neodymium
B - 12500 G
T - max 80 degrees Celsius

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