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Massagers - color selection

The color of the massager we use actively influences the energy system of the organism. That is why it should be chosen carefully. The massage is far more effective and satiating if the correct color is chosen.Choosing a color can be done by feeling or in accordance with the ailment. It is based on the ancient study of the Six Energies.

According to the study of the Six Energies (the theory of the Six Energies) the world as we know it consists of and is ruled by six energies. These are the energies of Wind, Heat, Fire, Dampness, Dryness and Cold. Every substance, every item, phenomenon or process, our feelings and emotions, everything that surrounds us - from the fork we eat with to the planets and stars, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING is build up from and is a manifestation of one or several of the Six Energies.

For example, ice is a manifestation of the energy of Cold, autumn is a manifestation of the energy of Dampness, love and faith are manifestations of the energies of Heat and Fire. Rock music bears the energy of Wind. EVERYTHING, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING is build up from one or several of the Six Energies.

The Six Energies exist simultaneously and in harmony only in living organisms. They are connected and influence each other by following objective rules and laws. To an extent they resemble communicating vessels. If one is full - another becomes empty. Then the harmony is broken and the organism becomes sick. For it to be cured it is necessary that the harmony be restored. In fact, this is precisely what all the existing medical practices - from modern medicine to the shamanic rituals in Africa - are attempting to do. They aim to restore the balance of the Six Energies by implementing one or another law or rule of the energies' interaction. They are implementing these laws without ever having heard of them.

For instance, aspirin contains concentrated energy of Cold. It is a fundamental law in the theory of the Six Energies that Cold can subjugate, suppress Fire (temperature). That is precisely what happens when you drink aspirin.

Or the miraculous healings connected with faith. Strong faith, ecstasy are manifestations of the energy of Fire. It can easily be amplified to very high levels through a variety of techniques - prayer, chants, services, the presence of miraculous icons etc. Then another fundamental law of the theory of the Six Energies comes into play. The Fire is so strong that it manages to overpower the Cold and the cheerful ill throw away their crutches or recover their sight. The reason is that the sicknesses of these ailing are sicknesses of Cold. For example - various paresis, cramps and certain types of blindness. They are caused by an excess of the energy of Cold. The Fire's strong energy (faith) suppresses the energy of Cold and the sickness miraculously disappears.

The Six Energies have multiple indicants which they are characterized by. One of these indicants is color. Each Energy is represented by a particular color.

Wind - Green                  Heat - Red                 Fire - Orange

Dampness - Yellow        Dryness - White        Cold - Blue

The color isn't merely a characteristic of a particular energy. The color can be an instrument with which we can amplify or suppress the level of a certain energy in the organism. For instance, if we illuminate the body with concentrated red light we will increase the energy of Heat. If we illuminate it with green we will amplify the energy of Wind etc.

Massage with colored massagers has a similar effect. By massaging the fingers and hands with a colored ring or bracelet, we are not only conducting an indirect massage on the whole body, but we are also adding more of the energy characterized by that particular color to our energy system. This is why it is important to choose the correct color of the ring or bracelet.


We usually like and are attracted to the color of the energy we have a deficiency of. This is why we have to choose a massager with the color which attracts us the most.

For example, if we have insufficient energy of Heat we will be attracted to the red color. If we have insufficient energy of Dampness we will be attracted to the yellow color etc. By massaging our fingers and hands with the chosen color we add to the energy we have a deficiency of.

Sometimes we like more than one color. Then we have to alternate between the massagers we liked the colors of.

If we don't have a preference for any particular color it is possible that we do not have an energy imbalance. In such cases it is possible to use massagers with a neutral grey (steel) color.

Insufficiency of a particular energy can be discerned by a series of external symptoms. For instance - by the dominant color in our wardrobe, by the color scheme of our home or by the color of our car.

Therefore, when choosing the color of the massager - trust you senses. Choose a color you like.


Most illnesses can be classified by whichever energy is afflicted the most. Illnesses of Wind, illnesses of Dampness, Dryness etc. For example typical ailments of Cold are infarcts, strokes, Parkinson's disease. Typical ailments of Heat and Fire are inflammations, alcohol and drug dependence, high blood pressure. Typical ailments of the energy of Dampness are obesity, diabetes, varicose veins etc.

When choosing massagers in accordance with the ailment the color is chosen according to which afflicted energy has caused the illness. This choice is made based on several basic acupuncture rules and laws which make up the theory of the Six Energies. It can include the simultaneous use of multiple different colored massagers.

Choosing massagers according to the ailment can be done by a specialist in Su-Jok therapy or acupuncture. However, if you do not have access to one, simply choose a color by feeling. You will not be mistaken.


Massage with colored massagers is a harmless and pleasant treatment method. It can be used for all ailments. Sometimes, when the illness is slight and in its beginning stages, massaging can be enough to stop its development. For serious ailments massage with colored massagers can alleviate the symptoms and aid the overall treatment.

Author: Plamen Ivanov


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