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Massage with a diagnostic probe
Massage with a diagnostic probe
SU JOK therapy. Massage with a diagnostic probe.
The diagnostic probe serves for location and massage of the pain su jok points. For point finding on the soft parts of the hand (on the palm for example) an operating head of the probe with bigger diameter is used. For point finding close to bone structures (upper side of the fingers) an operating head of the probe with smaller diameter is used.
The pain point location is realized by "feeling" the correspondence zone of the diseased organ on the hand or foot with the probe.If the organ is really diseased you will find a point or a zone with a sharp, sometimes , excruciating pain. You can massage this point or zone with the diagnostic probe.
The massage is carried out by keeping with pressure the pro be's top on the pain point, which causes an intensive pain but within the range of tolerance. After one-two minutes the pain starts to abate and almost disappears. Then the probe's top is moved with rotation and pressure, since the aim is a warm feeling to arise and the pain in the pain point to disappear. The massage with a diagnostic probe has a powerful curing effect.


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