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You can register yourself as a MERCHANT through the Login menu.

 As a registered Merchant you will see the prices of our products with merchant discount. You will be able to make orders at these prices.

If you register yourself as a MERCHANT you should have the following in mind:

- your MERCHANT account will not be activated immediately. It will be activated within 24 hours. After it is verified and approved by the administration of the site;

- in order to see and make orders at the wholesale prices you have to log in your account with your name and password; - to see the retail prices you have to log out from your account;

- if you are a MERCHANT from the European union and have a valid VAT number, the end price will exclude VAT (VAT exempted intra-community deal);

- the end price is automatically calculated without VAT only if you input a valid VAT number when filling in the address data;

- if you are a MERCHANT from a country outside the European union the prices will exclude VAT (the export is not a deal subjected to VAT);

- for orders above 200 euro the delivery is on our account.

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Special Offer
Massage ring, D-24 mm, gold colored
Price1.41 лв
Sale1.29 лв (1.08 лв ex.VAT)
Massager OCTOPUS
Price10.56 лв
Sale9.39 лв (7.82 лв ex.VAT)