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Radiesthetic pendulum

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Radiesthetic pendulum

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The most widespread instrument which is used by the radiesthesia is the radiesthetic pendulum. It is a weight with a special form and a thread at one of the ends. Its technique of operation is roughly described below: you take and hold the thread of the pendulum so that the pendulum can freely swing in the air. In your thoughts you ask a question that interests you. If the answer is "Yes" the pendulum starts rotating to the right. If the answer is "No", then the pendulum rotates to the left.

The pendulum can be used for finding underground water, for diagnostic. With its help the nuances in the relations between people could be determined and also a business prognosis could be done, etc.

We produce the pendulum for more than 15 years. It has earned acknowledgment in many countries with its high quality. It is with the proportions of a cone inscribed in the Cheops pyramid. It has perfect balance and sensitiveness. It is made of polystyrene with metal polymer coating. The thread has tubular stitch (not tortuous). Thus its influence over the indications of the pendulum is eliminated.

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