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E-BOOK: Su-Jok and moxa ...

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E-BOOK: Su-Jok and moxa ...

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E-BOOK: Su-Jok and moxa, a self-treatment manual. In english.
By: Plamen Ivanov
Publisher: Mediks Ltd
ISBN: 954-90558-1-7
File Size: 16,5 mb (over 800 colour illustrations)
Format: PDF, interactive
Software: Adobe Reader for Windows (free downloads)
OS: Windows
The bases of su-jok therapy in Plamen Ivanov`s are presented accessibly and concisely. The unnecessary theorizing has been avoided. The ground has been presented so that each person (even without medical training) could master and apply this wonderful treating method within two-three hours. It has specially been stressed on the possibility for home treatment with moxa - independently or on a recommendation of an expert.
As an addition to the treatment with su-jok therapy pres criptions for treatment with classical acupuncture points have been published, too. The prescriptions are made up wholly with moxa and are specially chosen so that they can be easily applied in home situation.
This is one of the richest illustrated s that have appeared on the market. Over 800 colour illustrations will show you clearly how you could treat each part of your body.
The electronic version is interactive.

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