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Magnetic starlets, 5 mm, ferrite, box of 10 pcs.

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Magnetic starlets, ferrite.
The magnetic starlets create an energy flow in the correspondence zone of the diseased organ, which rectifies, normalizes its energy state.
The stimulation with magnetic stars is combined. It combines the magnetic with massage stimulation. This increases the healing effect significantly. 
For the proper usage of magnets the following should be remembered:

- The energy flow is always directed from the north to the south pole; 
- Magnets placed with the north pole towards the skin energize, warm up;
- Magnets placed with the south pole towards the skin take away energy, sedate, cool.
Box of 10 magnetic starlets, ferrite.
5 x3 mm (0,20"x0.12")
B - 60 mTI.

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